About Us

All Five Oceans is a website about geography, economy and other facts about the oceans and seas of our world. It wants to make people aware about the beauty of the oceans and its inhabitants.

Most of the earth is covered by one great ocean, the World Ocean. We, for the sake of convenience have divided that World Ocean into five smaller oceans which are Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. There are also numerous big and small seas, gulfs, bays, straits and fjords. All these saline water bodies are home to numerous animals and plants. Even today, there are millions of species unknown to us.
The ambition of this website is to present that wonderful world to people with its full beauty and grandeur. 

We strive to make sharks, whales, crabs, jellyfishes, octopuses and other sea creatures into popular stars. In this way, we hope that we can generate awareness among people about the threats under which our oceans and its inhabitants are struggling.

Yes, the ultimate aim of All Five Oceans is to save the oceans. We want to make the oceans pristine again. Our aim is to keep our waters clean pollution and harmful activities of some greedy organizations and individuals. The task is too big for us but, you know, every little bit counts.