10 Cool Sharks Page 2

10 Little Known Sharks Page 2

This is the 2nd page of the photo series "10 Cool Sharks That You Did Not Know Exist". Here you will see some more relatively unknown but cool shark photos.

Cookie Cutter Shark

Photo by  JSUBiology

The shark's name indicates the sharpness of its teeth. You will also become sure after seeing this photo. Look at those teeth. Will you want to put a finger inside its mouth? I bet you not if you are some kind of crazy. It was unknown to the scientists even before 1971. The shark has a tendency to live near the small islands of tropical Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. The shark is well known for giving nasty bites on the body of a fish or sea mammal. It even often bites sharks to cut some flesh from the huge body.

Goblin Shark

Photo by Dianne Bray / Museum Victoria 
The name implied that this shark is terrific. Actually, the shark looks pretty creepy. No one will be happy to face such a demonic figure rising from the dark depths of the ocean. The most amazing thing about this shark is its ability to extend its jaw from his mouth to catch a fleeing prey. They lives in the deep dark oceans. So, there body has no pigments to prevent the ultra violate ray from sun. As a result it looks more ghostly.

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