29 May 2017

Eluthera Where The Navy Blue Atlantic Ocean And The Aqua Caribbean Sea Meet Is Strikingly Beautiful


Eluthera is an island, 70 miles east of Nassau. The pronunciation of the name is something like that: "E-loo-ther-uh". Meaning of the name is "freedom". However, the locals call it Cigatoo.

Eluthera, Bahamas

The 1st European settlement were built here in 1648. It looks like long thin rope in the map because of its about 110 mile length and width as little as 1 mile. That island separates the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. The water of the Atlantic Ocean is dark, navy blue. In contrast, the Caribbean is light, aqua blue in color.

A beach of Eluthera

The island of Eluthera is known for its pink and white sand beaches and remains of the coral reefs. There are also caves and jungle covered green hillocks to add to the geographical diversity of the narrow island. The island is under the government of Bahamas. There are about 11000 people here. They lives in the small settlements like Gregory Town, Upper Bogue, Lower Bogue, Governor's Harbor etc. Most of them depends on tourism for sustenance. There are also some farmers and fishermen.

Where Atlantic Ocean meets with the Caribbean Sea

Governor's Harbor is the sit of the local government. It is 300 years old town built by the British. The harbor was used to export black pineapples to the markets of America, Canada and United Kingdom. The sleepy town has a population of about 1500. The city is known for its old houses and bougainvillea and casuarina orchards.

Bougainvillea at Governor's Harbor

There is a 110 mile long highway that connects the northern tip of the island with the southern point. Driving along the highway is a memorable experience as you will experience the scenic beauty of the sea and the ocean, long sandy beaches and green forests.

Beautiful photo where two seas meet

The Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge connects the northern part Eluthera with the southern part. There was a natural bridge which was one of the wonders of the nature. The natural bridge had been destroyed by the hurricane of 1999. However, now there is the artificial bridge. You can enjoy the scene and the beauty of the dark, foaming Atlantic in one side and the light blue serenity of Puget Sound (Caribbean Sea).

Glass Window Bridge

The bridge is in the narrowest part of the island (some people call it "the narrowest part of the world"). The width is only about 30 ft here. It is 2 miles from Upper Bogue. It joins Gregory town with Lower Bogue.

Cool Glass Window Bridge Photo

The Glass Window Bridge is a place where massive forces of nature meets with each other. That is why one need to be cautious there.

Eluthera Glass Window Bridge

Often, during rough weathers, huge waves can come from the Atlantic and wash away everything near and around the bridge. Due to the constant work of such gigantic forces, the geography of the area is constantly changing.

You can reach Eluthera by air from Nassau. There are three airports in the island. The flight time is only half an hour. There is also a high speed ferry service. One can also book a place in a postal vassal that regularly ferries between Nassau and Eluthera.


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