11 Feb 2017

The Giant Spider Crab is Shedding Shell - A Creepy Footage

The Molting Giant Spider Crab Video

Giant Spider Crab

The giant spider crab is the largest crab on earth. It is a real giant among arthropods. No spider or crayfish can boast of 30ft long legs like a giant spider crab. Those long legs gives it a look like a spider and make it a big nope of the ocean.

This giant nope is known as Macrocheira kaempferi among the biologists. The claw to claw length of a full grown M.kaempferi can be 55 ft. These big crustaceans are plenty in the Japan sea. Yes, off course the Japanese people love to eat these as delicacy. There is a big fishing industry in Japan dedicated to make this unique animal extinct as soon as possible.

Giant Spider Crab shedding shell.

Do you know why this creature is molting or shedding shell? 

The tough exoskeleton or shell of the crab is a great armor. It saves the animal from many potential predators. But the armors have a classical bad habit of not growing with age. The spider grows and becomes bigger with age, but the exoskeleton remains shell because it is made of dead shells like our hairs and nails. That is why the spiders had to shed the shells time to time as their growth demands.


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