23 Feb 2017

Amazing Photo Of Giant Whales Feeding So Close To The Small Boat

Whales are big animals and we all know that. But do you have the real idea about their size? Look at this photo above and you will understand. Really, whales are the giants of our time. 

We wonder about how big the dinosaurs were, we make super-hit movies about them, but still we neglect these giants of our human era who shares the world with us. People love the idea of bringing back huge animals from far, far past - long dead before the first human has seen the light of the sun, but we don't care much about keeping whales alive. Yes, still today whales are being mercilessly killed and there is little protest against it. It's a shame.

Raise your voice and let everyone know that we humans don't need whale flesh to survive. Let the whales live and thrive in the vast oceans.

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