21 Nov 2016

Thousands of Creepy Garden Eels are Dancing Under the Ocean

Garden Eels Dancing

These Dancing Eels Looks Like Medusa's Hair

Look at the garden eel colony. The snake like creatures are dancing under the ocean. These are like thousands of nope ropes. Imagine, finding such a "garden" while diving under the ocean ! 

Why are these creatures dancing? The eels are actually eating. They are trying to catch plankton floating in the ocean current. It is their main source of food. Watch the video below:

Eels are snake like fishes. They belong to the large fish order named Anguilliformes. There are seven suborders which groups seven types of eels - freshwater, false moray, moray, spaghetti, mud, thin and first eel ( a living fossil). Our dancing ropes belong to the mud eel or more scientifically Congridae family. Garden eels also farther grouped into Heterocongrinae subfamily. There are about 35 species identified so far. Here is a colony of spotted garden eels.

spotted garden eels

I know I have made some of you pretty bored by all those scientific stuffs. So, let us discuss some common facts about them. Sandy sea bottom is their dwelling ground. They live where the ocean current is strong because they are lazy. They hate to swim out and catch their food. It is very rare to spot them more than 45 m depth. Look at this photo of a spotted garden eel taken by Brian Gratwicke. The creature is cute, is not it?

a spotted garden eel

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