12 Sept 2016

Mantis Shrimp vs Octopus - An Amazing Fight

mantis shrimp

What happened when a mantis shrimp encounters with an octopus? It is an epic story that happened once in the ocean. It was captured by digital eye of a movie camera and is recorded for ever. Let us see what happened next.

The mantis shrimp is a bad-ass ocean creature. It is way stronger than its size. The crustacean has very strong "hands" to punch hard, too hard. You can understand it by its nicknames – “sea locust”, “prawn killer”, and “thumb splitter”.

Our mantis shrimp was happily roaming around its burrow, probably in search of food. They can eat fishes, snails, crabs, and other shrimps. Even small squids sometime become their prey.

mantis shrimp in the ocean floor

Now, here comes trouble. An octopus is coming towards the mantis shrimp. Octopus is a cephalopod mollusc which has eight soft tentacles. It is also a clever hunter.


The mantis shrimp thinks it better to run away from that octopus which is way bigger than him. The mantis shrimp can swim very fast in the ocean.

It seems that the octopus has taken interest on him. So, the mantis shrimp think it better to hide. So, he jumped into its burrow.

mantis shrimp's burrow

The octopus is a smart animal. In fact, it is the smartest among all the invertebrates in the world. So, it is not so easy to befool it. So, the mantis thinks it better to scare him away. So, he displays a warning to the octopus.

octopus vs mantis shrimp

But the octopus is not impressed. He does not take the warning of a much smaller creature very seriously. So, the mantis decided to teach him a lesson. Mantis hit hard on one of the tentacle of the octopus.



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Mantis punches hard with the short front claws. These claws are heavily mineralized. It hit the prey very quickly. The claws move so fast that a powerful shock-wave is produced in the water. A tiny amount of light is also produced due to it.

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The mantis carefully punches the octopus once more. The mollusc has no bones or exoskeletons. Otherwise, it would all be broken by those two powerful punches. But the octopus has a soft body which withstands the attacks of the shrimp.

octopus runs away

We have said earlier that the octopus is smart, very smart. It understands the power hidden inside that small body of the shrimp. It has known that it is not a common shrimp or lobster. So, he decided to run away from the fight. In this way, the fight came to an end.

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Source: The YouTube video.