27 Sept 2016

Infographic Largest Whales

Infographic About Largest Whales

The Infographic About Largest Whales

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Whales are the largest among all the animals that exist today. These behemoth cetaceans can be so large that you can't believe your eyes. They are the giants of our time. We all know that the blue whale is the largest animal on earth. But there is little knowledge among populace about other big whales. I have created this infographic to increase people's awareness about whales.

  • Blue whale can be 110 ft long with a body weight of 200 tons. It is the largest and heaviest among the lot. Blue whale has no equivalent on land. The largest terrestrial animal, the elephant is not match to a blue.
  • Fin whale is a close second with a scorecard of 90 ft and 75 tons.
  • Humpback whales can be 89 ft. It can be as heavy as 89 t.
  • Sperm whales can be big too. It can be 67 ft long with a weight of 57 t.
  • The biggest bowhead whale was 66 ft long. It was very heavy, too (about 100 t)
  • Right's whales can be 65 ft long, especially the North Atlantic Right's whale . The whale can be 106 t in body mass.
blue whale
Blue Whale the sea giant

  Sei whale can reach 64 ft. It can gain 38 t of body weight.
  • Bryde's whale's greatest record in length and height is 64 ft and 38 t.
  • A gray whale can be 49 ft in length and 38 t in weight.
  • Orca or Killer whales are popular species due to Sea World marine theme parks.  They can be 32 ft with a body weight of 10 t.
  • Beluga or white whale is another popular species. A beluga is very small compared to other whale species. It is only 18 ft with 1.6 t body mass.

There are some more large whale species. For your convenience I have combined very closely related species into one single name. Whales like North Atlantic Right's whale, North Pacific Right's whale etc all are called Right's whale here.

Jumping Whale
  The oceans are big places. Water lessens the gravitational pull. That's why the environment of the ocean was ideal for whales having such large bodies. These giants of the seas are now in danger now due to human activities. Still, thousands of whales are killed every year in many countries like Denmark, Norway, Japan, Iceland etc. Destruction of marine environments by greedy people and our so called "advanced" civilization is making their survival difficult day by day. It seems obvious that if we did not do anything to save them, the whales will be no more. So, come together, join hands to save the giants of our age.

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