28 Aug 2016

Beautiful Horse Shoe Worm Photos

horse shoe worm

Pictures of Horse Shoe Worms

Horse shoe worms belong to the phylum Phoronida. They are one of the most beautiful invertebrate animals under the ocean.They are filter feeder animals.

The creature hides it soft and vulnerable body inside a tube made of chitin. The most interesting part of its body is the "crown" or lopophore. It is the collection of tentacles which acts as the food catcher and filter.

Here are some cool photos of some specimens of horse shoe worms.

california horse shoe worm
California Horse Shoe Worm
California horse shoe worm is so beautiful ! Look at the photo and say : "Wow!". The scientific name of this worm is "Phoronopsis californica". It is not only available in California, but one can also be found in the coastal waters of Spain and Portugal.

star horse shoe worm
Star Horse Shoe Worm
Star horse shoe worms are real super stars! They are cool looking creatures. The scientists call them "Pomatostegus stellatus". They can have different colors like red, orange, blue or yellow etc. They are too shy and retract immediately if they feel any movement in the water near them. Here are some more photos of star horse shoe worms:-

horse shoe worm photo
Another Star Horse Shoe Worm
picture of horse shoe worm
Beautiful Star Horse Shoe Worm
Pomatostegus stellatus
Pomatostegus stellatus
Look at the brilliant white horse shoe worm. That species is known as Phoronopsis harmeri. The larva of the species is known as "actinotroch".

Phoronopsis harmeri
Phoronopsis harmeri
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