8 Feb 2016

45 Mind blowing Octopus Facts Part III (31-45)

giant pacific octopus
Giant Pacific Octopus by Cliff,Arlington, Virginia, USA [CC BY 2.0]

This is the 3rd and final part of the series about 45 interesting Octopus facts. Two other parts of the series are also written with it. If you like you may check the 1st and the 2nd part of the series. Here you will find the facts number 31 to 45.

31.    The baby octopuses float with the plankton near the surface of the sea. It took 45 to 60 days for them to be matured. After that they swim back to the bottom of the sea.

32.    An octopus has two eyes. There eyesight is very good. They have 3D vision like and can determine the direction and orientation of an incoming light. Some of them color vision and some have not that capability.

Funny baby octopus

33.    The animal has a parrot like beak. The beak has two parts. It is in the center of its body. It is made of chitin and some connecting proteins.

34.    The sense of touch of an octopus is very good. It can feel a thing but is not capable of making a larger image of the item by only touch.

35.    The octopus has a sack like ear. It has a stone like thing made of minerals inside. That thing is called Statocyst. That ear cannot hear sounds shriller than 1000 KHz.

36.    It can crawl with its arms. Most of the time, they can be found crawling in corals, stones or sands under the sea water. Some octopus is seen to use only two arms for moving like bipedal walking.

37.    An octopus normally swims by moving it arms. But during an emergency it can use jet propulsion to move fast using a special water jet engine like construction inside its body.

38.    We know that the octopus can use jet propulsion. That gives it a speed of 25 mph. But it does not swim at this speed for a long time.

Mantis Shrimp vs Octopus - Amazing Fight


39.    The giant pacific octopus can be big. They can grow up to 15 ft in head to the arms end with a weight of 33lb. Some of the octopuses of that group can gain a mass of 160 lb or more. The highest known octopus was about 600 lb in weight
40.    All octopuses have some degree of venom. Most of them are not deadly except the blue ring octopus. The venom of that species can kill a human being.
Blue Ring Octopus by Cliff,Arlington, Virginia, USA [CC BY 2.0]

41.    The main difference between an octopus and a squid is that the later have a bone like hard “pen” inside its body. Moreover, the squid has tentacles while the octopus has arms.

42.    The man eating giant octopus are nothing but myth. There is no man eating octopus ever recorded. Usually, the octopus avoids human divers.

43.    An octopus is a popular food item in some countries. In Japan, octopus is a common and popular sea food. They even make an octopus snake named “takoyaki”.  Small octopuses are sometimes eaten alive in Korea. It is also a popular food item in the Mediterranean regions.

44.    Some people keep octopuses as pets in aquariums. They are difficult to keep in captivity because of their smartness and camouflaging capability. “Bimaculoides” or “Bimacs” are the most popular pet octopus species.

45.    Octopus has great impact in some cultures. The Greek mythical demon “Gorgon” is inspired by octopuses. The severed head of Medusa is like an octopus.

I hope that you will like these facts about Octopus. Save our oceans to keep our environment clean and beautiful.