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This is the 2nd page of the our tunicate photo series. There are more than 2000 species of tunicates live in our oceans. Most of the tunicates belong to the class Ascidiacea. They are also known as "sea squirts". They comes in various shapes and colors. Some may look like simple bottles, while others may resemble juicy fruits. The color can be yellow, blue, red, orange etc.

Yellow sea squirts

Yellow sea squirts grouped together. Look at the holes in each creature. There are two holes in each. One whole is used to siphon water in and another one for out. The tunicates are filter feeders. They filter our tiny food items from water inside their body. This photo was taken by Nick Hobgood. The species in this photograph is called Perophora modificata.

green tunicates

These things in the photograph above resembles some weird potatoes. Some may find similarities with some cactus breeds. The photo is taken by Nick Hobogood. It was a seen from somewhere under the ocean in Indonesia.

Yellow Tunicates of Indonesia

What are these things? Look like some long forgotten gold jewels of some drowned Roman ship. These tunicates are one of the coolest looking things of the tropical marine underwater worlds.

Yellow tunicates again for you. This photo is taken by joetsm in Indonesia. Looks like smiling yellow faces of gold.