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Thank you very much for visiting the 3rd page of our tunicate photo series. I hope that you have liked these photos. It should give you some idea about diversity of marine life. Our oceans are amazing places, are not they?

Let us see more tunicate photos. We have seen that they live in colonies on the sea bed. Individuals are known as zooids. Every one of them are connected with each other with branches or stolons. In some species, many zooids often function systemically to live as a single organization. Look at this photo of tunicate colonies.

two types of tunicates

Look there are two types of tunicates here. One is shaped like a semi-transparent glass flask. It is known as Clavelina robusta. The term "Clavelina" means "little bottle". Another type looks like some yellow colored springs. These spring like things are known as "Pycnoclavella flava". The entire photo looks like a broken alien spaceship's engine. This photo is taken by Nhobgood.

Clavelina robusta

These sea squirts are also fall in the group of Clavelina robusta. This photo is taken by Josve05a. The colors are a bit different here. It is because the color can change with the change of environment and food sources.

Ascidiacea or sea squirts

Look at the yellow tunicates growing upon corals. The tunicates firmly attach themselves on solid substrates like rocks or corals. This photo appears like an exotic garden with flowers and yellow fungus.

Three super cool tunicate photos for you. How do you like these photos? Let us know and don't forget to share.