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There are more than 500 species of shark. They are widely different in shape and size. Some sharks are really big in size.  The leader of the largest sharks is undoubtedly Whale Shark. There is only one competition for the top spot that is Basking Shark. Here is our list of top 10 largest sharks alive today.

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Whale Shark

Whale Shark or Rhincodon typus can exceed 40 feet in size. The large individuals can grow up to 41 ft (13 m) in length and 46,300 lb (21,000 kg) in size. The largest shark ever recorded is 14 m (46 ft) long and with 30 ton (66,000 lb) weight. It is the largest fish in the world (whales are not fish). It is also the largest animal that is not a mammal.

These sharks are harmless gentle giants. So, don’t panic if you see one swimming by. They are filter feeders and not attack anything larger than a krill.

Basking Shark

Basking sharks are also filter feeders. They are also big but gentle boys. Scientific name of the species is Cetorhinus maximus. It is the 2nd largest shark. The biggest among them can be 33 ft (10m) long with a body weight of 32,200 lb (14500 kg). There are also unconfirmed reports of 39 to 40 ft long Basking Shark sitings.

Greenland Shark

Somniosus microcephalus or Greenland Shark is an inhabitant of cold waters. They are the only sharks that live in the chilled Northern Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Greenland shark is the number three in our list. The position is closely contested with the Great White Shark. Greenland Shark’s meet is very toxic yet some locals love to eat them. The longest among them reaches 24 ft with 3,100 lb (1400 kg) weight.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark is the most famous (or infamous) shark. Whenever, the term “shark” is used, people think about it. They are aggressive apex predators. 20 ft (6.3 m) long specimens with a body mass of 4,600 lb (2100 kg) are among the largest Great White ever caught. 15 to 18 ft long ones are not uncommon in the open oceans.

Tiger Shark

The 5th position among the largest sharks is occupied by Tiger Sharks. These striped sharks are as dangerous as the Great Whites. The biggest among them can gain 2,200 lb (1000 kg) body weight over time. The head to tail length of these big guys can be 14 ft (4.3 m). 20 ft long specimens are also reported. Learn more tiger sharks facts from our detailed post.

Some Others

There are some other large sharks in the oceans. Pacific Sleeper Sharks can be 20 ft long with 800 lb weight. The Great Hammerheads can also be 20 ft with a body mass of 1200 lb. I’ll also keep Thresher sharks with 20 ft body length and 1000 lb mass in the list. Bluntnose Six gill and Bull Sharks often become big in the wild.

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