10 Most Beautiful Starfish Photos Page 2

Beautiful Starfish Photos Page 2

This is the 2nd page of the beautiful starfish photos. Enjoy the photos and thank our mother nature for beautiful creations. Starfish is not actually a fish. That's why experts prefer the name sea stars. Scientist call them echinoderms. Most of the time they look like the traditional symbol of a star: a shape with five symmetrical arms. There are thousands of species of this sea animal living in every part of the world ocean. Sea stars can come in various shapes and colors. You will see some examples in this series, too.


Biscuit Starfish
Biscuit or Square Starfish

Double Starfish
Iconstar or Double Starfish
Source: Blogie Robillo, Wikimedia

Cushion Starfish
Cushion Starfish
Baby Starfish
Baby Starfish