28 May 2017

Spotted Drumfish Facts - The Cute Fish That Can Produce Drum Beat Sounds

Spotted Drumfish

A Spotted drumfish is also known as a spotted ribbonfish. The fish is known for its ability to produce drum beat like sounds. The fish belongs to the genus Equetus. There are three species in this genus which are E. acuminatus, E.lanceolatus and E.punctatus or  high hat fish, jacknife fish and spotted drumfish, respectively.

The fish can be found near the tropical western shore of the Atlantic Ocean.They are quite common in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the cost of Brazil. One can find them in the waters near South Florida.

spotted ribbonfish

The fish can grow up to 24 cm or 9.4 inches. It lives in shallow the reefs and ledges. It remains hidden in the day time and comes out in night in search of food. It feed on small shrimps, crabs and sea worms.

juvenile spotted drum fish

The fish is known for its ability to produce sounds like drum beats. That sound is created by the abdominal muscles of the fish. The fish beats the muscles against its swim bladder.

Equetus punctatus

One of the most notable feature of the fish is its long dorsal fin. The juvenile drum fishes look very cute for having a relatively much bigger dorsal fin.

Equetus punctatus or croaker fish
Drum fishes are popular among marine aquarium enthusiasts all over the world. However, spotted drum is difficult to keep in an aquarium due to its rapid growth rate and voracious nature.


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