24 Jul 2017

Amazing Photo Of A Dumbo Octopus

Look at this dumbo octopus. It looks like an alien from other planet. An alien with a weird face without any eyes, nose and mouth. However, there are two big "ears".

7 Jun 2017

Venus's Flower Basket - The Sponge That Can Produce Glass Naturally

Venus's Flower Basket

The Glass Sponge That Can Produce Optical Fiber Better Than Man Made !

There are many strange animals and plants in nature. Venus's Flower Basket, a sponge is such a creature. That sponge can produce glass inside their body from sea water ! That's why it is also known as "glass sponge". These sponges are also known as a symbol of happy conjugal life in Japan.

29 May 2017

Eluthera Where The Navy Blue Atlantic Ocean And The Aqua Caribbean Sea Meet Is Strikingly Beautiful


Eluthera is an island, 70 miles east of Nassau. The pronunciation of the name is something like that: "E-loo-ther-uh". Meaning of the name is "freedom". However, the locals call it Cigatoo.